As a Personality Testing and Assessment Reseller we are dedicated their careers to improving people’s lives through a better understanding of how personality influences personal and organizational effectiveness.  Urban Assessments is committed to driving Diversity adn Inclusive Leadership frameworks through thought leadership which are a reflection of that commitment to scientific research and development.

The Good Practice, Good Business factsheets are designed to help promote diversity and prevent discrimination in your workplace. They can be downloaded individually or as a set of 12 factsheets and a policy template. They cover:

    • practical steps to create a fair a productive workplace;
    • what to include in a workplace discrimination and harassment policy;
    • how to ensure a fair and equitable recruitment process;
    • what the terms bullying, harassment and discrimination mean;
    • how the law applies to employees based on age, sex, pregnancy, family responsibilities, disability, race, sexual orientation and gender identity and other characteristics;
    • which discrimination laws apply to your workplace;
    • when you could be liable if discrimination or harassment occur in your workplace, and
    • what to do if an employee makes a complaint of discrimination or harassment.

Links to factsheets

Download all the Good practice, good business factsheets (Zip)